Viral Video: Huge Amount Of Good Food Found Thrown Away By A Store; Enraged Twitter

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’ is more common than we’d like it to be. A lot of discarded is tossed out in dumpsters of grocery stores at the end of the day which is scoured by poor people. Now one would assume this food to be obsolete and inedible, the reason why it would end up in the trash. But this video that has just surfaced online surprised us all by showing perfectly good food found in a dumpster of a supermarket in the U.S. In just one night, a self-proclaimed ‘dumpster diver’ rummaged through a dumpster of a store and found so much edible food that it could serve an entire community!

From organic and beef to yogurt, salads and cut , the video posted by Twitter user @___inCANdescent showcased the entire food hunt stacked up neatly in piles. The diver who shot the video said, “Everything was still good to consume.” She revealed that all the foods were unexpired and the low temperature outside kept the food fresh. They were all collected from a dumpster behind a Whole Foods supermarket. She wrote in the video caption: “This was ONE night at ONE store in the US” and said, “Last night, I found enough meat to feed an entire community,”

Watch the astonishing video:

The viral was posted on Dec 12 and has since raked in 6.5 million views with thousands of comments and likes. Several people expressed their anguish over in such huge quantities. One ex-employee of a grocery store also admitted of throwing away foods that were not spoilt yet.

Take a look:

While this video was quite disturbing, we were recently impressed by some responsible people who came up with novel ideas to avoid food wastage. A restaurant in Copenhagen started serving foods that were about to expire at nominal rates. They collected the foods from local superstores. In a kind gesture, a pizza shop owner offered a free pizza slice and a beverage to all those coming outside the eatery to look for food in its dumpster.

Isn’t this inspiring? We wish all grocery stores come up with such ideas and give rejected food to those who need it instead of just tossing it out.

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