Viral Video: Adorable Baby Cutting Watermelon In Her Mini Kitchen Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

The internet is full of content and videos that we cannot get enough of. Plus, with the advent of social media, we come across tons of things while scrolling. And in all this vast content, if there is anything that makes us all happy and go ‘aww’, it has to be those adorable . We see them doing different tricks very cutely. It could be any of a taking their first bite of , painting something, or even playing around with their parents- all these things give us a wholesome feeling. Recently, one such adorable video of a toddler has gone . This time, we can see a baby girl dressed in her pink jumper and ready to take on the day in her own mini kitchen!

In a video uploaded by Instagram page, we can see this toddler first picking up a small watermelon from the floor. Then she places this watermelon in a mini sink. Next, she opens up the water tap and cleans the watermelon with a brush. Just as she takes the fruit out from the sink, you can see her struggle a bit. But somehow, she manages and brings it on the slab of her kitchen. Then she takes out a knife from the cabinet below and chops up the fruit in the most adorable way! Check out the full video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 72.1 million times, has 3.5 million likes and more than ten thousand comments! Many viewers just can’t get enough of this baby’s cuteness. One user commented, “This is too freaking cute,” and “This baby is a better adult than me.” Another user wrote, “The little dance she does before she starts eating is so cute!” Someone also said, “She is such a sweet little girl.”

Many other people have also commented about their kids and told how they do similar things! A user wrote, “Her little dance at the end reminded me of my baby when we give her . So cute.”

What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments below!

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