Viral Pic: Mark Zuckerberg’s Special Cookies Celebrate Facebook Becoming ‘Meta’

g51gheeg mark zuckerberg meta logo 625x300 29 October 21

In a bid to rebrand itself, Facebook’s parent company will now be called ‘’. The announcement was made by CEO and founder on 28th October 2021. This is part of the giant’s plan to diversify its business into new and upcoming technologies such as virtual reality. The name change has been generating buzz among technology enthusiasts, who are attempting to guess what will be the next addition to the ‘’. Meanwhile, Zuckerberg celebrated the name change with some special cookies. The tech entrepreneur took to Facebook to share a picture of the sweet creations. Take a look:

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“Pretty sweet,” he wrote in the caption. In the click, there were two cookies with custom-made icing. One was a circular with the iconic ‘like’ button of Facebook, and the other was a rectangle-shaped one with Meta’s logo. Both were in the trademark blue and white colours of the company. Mark Zuckerberg had bitten into the cookie which had Meta on it.

The picture of the cookies went viral and has received over 803k likes and 78k comments of comments since it was shared. “Meta looking like apple’s bite,” wrote one user in the comments section. “Let me know when you make MetaBurgers, then I’ll come over,” commented another one. “Hold up. You never told us there would be cookies,” exclaimed another user while another said, “I accept cookies!”

Interestingly, it seems that customised cookies are becoming quite the trend for achievements. Mark Zuckerberg is not the only entrepreneur to celebrate his company’s milestone moment with custom-made cookies. Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus had enjoyed some customised cookies when his company acquired a government-owned airline, Air India. Click here to read more about it.


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