Viral Now: Kanpur Golgappa-Wala Speaks In English, Amazes Instagram

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Pani Puri or , Puchka or Batashe – whatever name you may know it as, there is no denying the popularity of this yummy street food. Crispy fried balls are hollowed out and filled with curd, boiled potatoes, chana, chutneys, and, of course, the teekha pani. Golgappa is so popular across the country that you’ll find a street food vendor at practically every corner and street. However, have you ever encountered a Golgappa seller speaking fluent English? Believe it or not, this -based Golgappa-wala has completed his graduation and can converse in English. Take a look:

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The video of the Kanpur-based Golgappa seller was shared on Instagram by food blogger and YouTuber Gaurav Wasan, who goes by the handle @youtubeswadofficial. His video has received over 400k views and nearly 40k likes as well.

In the clip, Wasan introduces us to Rahul, who owns a stall called Murli Patashe Wala at Birhana Road, Kanpur. Rahul bhaiya, as he is addressed by the blogger, has completed his graduation and calls himself a ‘Graduate’ Golgappa wala. There are three items sold at his stall – Patashe or , Dhaniye wale , and .

“Myself Rahul, very common name. We are famous graduated Golgappa wala. My father’s Golgappa is very famous. We are using all homemade Masalas,” says the Kanpur-based street food vendor in the video. People travel far and wide to try his preparations. He also feels that working our own business is better than doing a job. The interesting thing is that his Dahi Bhalla does not feature meethi chutney at all. “We can’t have meethi chutney over here. Specialty of our Dahi Bhalla is that it is very pure and sure,” he said.

Watch the full video of the English-speaking Golgappa wala here:

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