Viral: Mango Growing With “Z+ Security”; Pic Leaves Twitter In Splits

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What’s that one thing you love the most about summer? For us, it’s the mangoes. Rightly referred to as the ‘King of fruits’, mangoes dominate the flavour of the season. In fact, in just a few weeks you would find raw mangoes making their way to the local markets and your fruit basket. The very thought of ‘kaccha aam’ with and chilli is just so appetizing, right? But prior to that, we came across a post on mangoes that has already left talking about the fruit of the season. Wonder what it is? We recently came across a post on that featured a picture of growing near a massive beehive. The image was shared by IPS officer RK Vij and he wrote alongside, “Season’s first mango with Z+ security”. Take a look:

The picture, with the quirky post, went in just no time garnering more than 40k likes and thousands of replies and retweets. And trust us, people on the internet were left in splits. To make the post yet more entertaining, Twitterers went ahead and shared comments on the post. “Ek baar patthar maar ke try kijiye (throw a stone and try getting it)”, read a comment; to which RK Vij replied, “Huge possibility of terror attack” (here terror stands for the bees). Another person replied to it saying, “Sir, I will give you cover. Hum kambal odh ke aapke pichhe khade rahenge. (Will stand by you wrapping blanket on us.)”

Another tweet read, “without any weapon the security is too tight”. A person commented, “Not Z security. It is several grades higher. It is BZZZZZ security!!!”

Find some more interesting comments here:

What are your thoughts on this super entertaining post? And would you want to try and get the mango from the beehive? Do let us know in the comments below.

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