Viral: Man Hides Fire Cracker In Sister’s Birthday Cake And Lights It Up; Leaves Internet Divided

If you are someone who lives with their siblings, then we are pretty sure that your banter and love for each other is never-ending. From sharing a room, stealing from each other, getting into small fights, to still being a support system for each other- every sibling relationship might be like that. And in this relationship, it goes on without saying that no matter what the time or situation is, we absolutely love pranking the other person! However, certain siblings take their pranks a step further and scare the entire family. One such recent prank by a brother on his sister has gone . This time, a brother hid a small firecracker in the middle of his sister’s and lit it up. Yes, you read that right.

In a video uploaded by page @itsgoneviralofficial and initially made by @graysworld, a man is baking a cake with a firecracker inside. He first takes the dry ingredients for making the cake and mixes them with and oil. Then he pours the batter into a container and bakes it. He then takes out the prepared cake and cuts it into two slices. Later he makes a hole in between to add the firecracker. Finally, he covers it with and candles after stacking the cake. Then, when he serves the cake, he lights up the firecracker, which goes off. Take a look at the video here:

Since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed nine million times and has one million likes and thousands of comments. Many people found this video to be hilarious. One person wrote, “Masterchef Prison Season.” Another person said, “Man’s living in a cartoon.” Someone also said, “I would not make this much effort for someone I hate.”

While some other people also were unhappy that the video didn’t show what happened after the cracker went off. One person said, “Why even bother posting this if you don’t show us what happened at the end. Really, really annoying.” Some other user wrote, “Really wanted to see the aftermath.”

In contrast to these comments, some people were also appalled since a firecracker can be dangerous. A user wrote, “That’s an actual firecracker that can kill someone. What is wrong with people?”

What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments below.

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