Viral Hack Lets You Measure Sticky Ingredients Without Creating A Mess

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Baking has become a popular pastime in the post-pandemic era. People are creating all sorts of delicious baked goodies in the comfort of their homes – thanks to quick and which are beginner-friendly and hassle-free. Baking simply requires you to stick to the recipe with the correct measurements and methods, resulting in delicious foods every single time. A problem that amateur bakers face is when measuring sticky ingredients like oil, honey, or syrup. These ingredients make our baking implements messy and thus cause us to hassle in the baking process. A simple hack has found the solution to this issue, and it’s gone viral on the internet! Take a look at the video here:

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The was originally shared on Instagram by Holly Lynn, who goes by the handle @healing_with_holly22. The hack was then reposted by a popular page called @todayyearsold where it has received over 6.9 million views and 422k likes.

In the clip, we hear a voiceover explaining the simple yet effective hack. They say that if you have to measure sticky ingredients like honey or syrup, just press the back of your spoon into the flour. This will create a crater or a space that is the exact size of the quantity you need. Now, pour the honey or syrup into this space, et voila! You get the correct measurements without dirtying your measuring spoon or creating a mess.

How simple and convenient, right? Thousands of users poured in their thoughts about the viral hack. “This changed my life,” wrote one user in the comments section while another said, “20 years as a chef, and I was today years old when I saw this for the first time!” A few others expressed their doubts about the hack. “I’m pretty sure you mix the wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately before combining,” pointed out a user.

What are your thoughts about this measuring hack? Tell us in the comments below.

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