Video Of Garlic Knots Made With Whole Slab Of Butter Has Divided Reddit

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There’s something so delicious about restaurant-style that is simply irreplaceable. We all love to eat restaurant-style food, whether it’s scrumptious pizzas or delicious . However, what we may be unaware of is the quantity of or cheese that goes into the making of our favourite indulgent treats. A recent video surfaced on Reddit which showed the behind-the-scenes making of restaurant-style garlic knots. The cheesy baked garlic knots used a whole slab of butter in its making, leaving Reddit users divided about it. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video and see for yourself:

A post shared by DEVOURPOWER: Greg & Rebecca (@devourpower)

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The video of garlic knots was shared on the sub-Reddit r/StupidFood by user u/alextrex7, and it was originally sourced from food blogger duo Greg and Rebecca, @devourpower, who is currently based in New York. The clip was also shared on their where it received over 503k views and 30.6k likes.

In the garlic knots video, we can see a whole slab of butter being melted and then baked garlic knots being added to it along with parsley, garlic paste, and Parmesan cheese. Everything is mixed together and then a couple of garlic knots were further made into a baked dish. Slices of pepperoni, a few dashes of Marinara sauce, and oodles of Mozzarella were topped on the garlic knots, which were then baked and served hot.

Reddit users remained divided about the garlic knots video. While some felt that the quantity of butter used was normal, others thought that it was excessive. Others also wanted to know why the dish was baked with more cheese when it was complete in itself.

Take a look at the reactions:

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