Vaani Kapoor’s Healthy Bowl Is All About Blueberries And Nuts; See Pics

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The only kind of Monday blues that actress is allowing are blueberries. Yes, you heard it right! Vaani’s healthy meals are known to one and all. But did we know that she loves a healthy bowl during work too? Vaani’s new reveals a healthy bowl to us. What’s in it? We see some fresh and round blueberries, chopped almonds, walnut crumbs, on top of the bowl. The slightly purple colour underneath suggests that her bowl has a good dose of smashed blueberries too. She wrote, “Super Food be like… Just so you know.”

In a previous , Vaani was seen eating spoonfuls from this bowl. “Superfood for superpower. Still waiting for mine,” she wrote. That’s an uber-healthy way to start the week, isn’t it?

Vaani seems to be falling in love with such bowls of . We aren’t saying that. Her Instagram timeline reveals it to us. Earlier this month, she shared with her Instafam another yummy bowl. What do we see in the photo? A purple mush, a mix of crunchy crushed nuts and an assortment of pumpkin seeds and other such healthy edible seeds. Vaani wrote, “Healthy food for a wealthy mood.” She also posted a selfie video where we see her excitement over her bowl of a healthy meal. Have a look:

Vaani is not merely a foodie. She can also surprise us with her pro-level food stunts. Are you wondering what we are referring to? In a boomerang, Vaani holds a bucket of popcorn and pops one into the air. The next moment the popcorn falls right into her mouth. She’s quite an expert at this fun stunt, don’t you think? What did Vaani have to say? Her caption read, “Anywhere… Anytime! Snack time! Disclaimer: stunts/ tricks in the video are performed by a Pro.”

Vaani is a foodie, no doubt. And her love for food is so great that she can’t leave her plate even when being busy at work. Here’s proof. Watch her sitting at her bed in a bathrobe. We see luggage, clothes, accessories and pieces of equipment surrounding her. We guess it is a pre-shoot work mode. But that doesn’t bother Vaani. What is her muse? She is busy gobbling up a delicious platter of food. She wrote, “work with a side of (food emoji).”

We love how Vaani keeps up with her food adventures even amidst her hectic schedules.

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