US Woman Spits In Bag Of Chips And Reseals It, Prank Disgusts The Internet

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and spoofs often go viral on the internet as they are funny and relatable. However, a recent prank by a US-based make-up artist was in extremely bad taste and did not grab eyeballs for the right reasons. Libby Barnes from Nashville, Tennessee, posted a of herself in a supermarket. She took a bag of chips and opened it to try one chip that she didn’t like. She spits back the half-chewed chip into the packet. She used a curling iron to reseal the packet and put it back on the shelf. The prank was posted by Barnes but later taken down. However, it quickly resurfaced on other YouTube handles being circulated widely on the internet. Take a look:

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The 52-second clip raked in thousands of views across social media platforms. Many users called out the make-up artist for her absurd prank that was extremely disgusting for viewers. There was a longer version of the clip as well, where the US woman repeated the same prank with multiple other items including bottles, soda, and . When a man enquired if she was stealing or shoplifting, she said, “I’m not stealing. I plan on buying those things. Mind your own business. I remember where I put it.”

Internet users couldn’t help but share criticism for the prank that was completely unnecessary. “You can and should go to jail for this. Food tampering is no joke,” wrote one user while another said, “She’s been identified by the people over at , just need the police to act.” A few also pointed out that the prank was even worse in the times of the COVID pandemic.

What did you think of the bizarre prank by the US woman? Tell us in the comments below.

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