US Restaurant Denies Entry To Customers Below 18, Here’s The Reason

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After the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, restaurants and eateries are beginning to open up. Some restaurants in the United States are making it compulsory for diners to be vaccinated with at least one dose. However, a restaurant named Red Rooster & Brew in California has denied entry to customers below 18 years of age unless accompanied by a guardian or a parent. There was a sad reason why the joint had to make this decision, as they revealed in a post on . Take a look:

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According to the Facebook post, the young kids were using the restaurant premises to engage in wrongful activities. This included throwing fries at staff, stealing soda from the fountain, placing their feet on tables, squirting ketchup on the walls, and ketchup and mustard bottles being interchanged.

They also said that they had spoken to the errant children and raised their concern many times to no avail. “It’s very clear to us that the bad behavior is not going to end,” they wrote. The management of the restaurant also wrote that they would be installing security cameras on the premises. “It is not our intent to exile the youth in our community but to protect our property. Some of their actions are unlawful and we won’t allow it,” they explained.

Facebook users came forward to appreciate the gesture that the restaurant did to protect their property. “As a parent this great, as a member of a family-owned restaurant this is AMAZING to stand up for your business,” wrote one user. Another commented, “I wish more restaurants had this rule! Then maybe more parents would have no choice but to be more responsible for their kids!”

Do you think the rule by the restaurant was justified? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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