UK Man Eats 9,600-Calorie McDonald’s Christmas Meal All By Himself

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For some people, may just be a means of sustaining oneself but for others, food means serious business. There are so many competitive eaters across the world whose aim is to finish huge quantities of food in record time. are held aplenty in the US and UK where contestants are judged on the basis of how quickly they can finish and how much they are capable of eating. Recently, a man had won the record for eating a record-high number of Big Macs in his lifetime – no less than 32,340. And now, another UK man has tried to finish a whopping 9,600-calorie meal from McDonald’s. Take a look:

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The video was posted by UK-based competitive eater Kyle Gibson on his YouTube channel. It has received over 17k views and also garnered coverage from various media and websites.

In the eight-minute-long clip, Gibson explains that he will be trying to finish the entire McDonald’s Christmas meal all by himself. He estimated that the meal had about 10,000 calories total. The items in the meal included eight festive pies, six festive , two share boxes, and two celebration McFlurries desserts. Finishing the entire meal took the UK man a total of 24 minutes, and at the end of it, he said, “That was an easy one!”

When the UK-based professional eater isn’t participating in food competitions, he eats healthy and exercises every day. “I had just worked out before doing the McDonald’s Christmas menu and I was quite hungry,” said Kyle to Chronicle LIVE. “I was able to finish it all quite easily,” he added.

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