Twitter User Spots Pani Puri Shawarma On Eatery’s Menu, Internet Reacts

Fusion dishes are found plentiful on the internet. Bloggers and eateries often create some interesting combinations which are beyond the usual foodie’s imagination. Recently, we came across a bizarre chocolate Vada Pav which had chocolate sauce and mayonnaise in it. The internet indeed had trouble digesting this eccentric dish created by a . Another strange video showed the making of bizarre egg-flavoured popcorn by a blogger. If you thought the trend of fusion dishes was over, think again. A user spotted ‘ Shawarma’ on an eatery’s menu, and people were left puzzled about it. Take a look at the photos he shared:

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The post was shared on Twitter by user @krishashok, where it received hundreds of likes, comments and retweets. The pictures were taken from an eatery called ‘Ustad Hotel’ at Chennai’s Elliot Beach. “Need to try the Pani Puri Shawarma though. My guess is shawarma stuffed into puri,” wrote the user in his tweet.

For the unversed, Pani Puri is a popular Indian street food that has crispy fried Puris filled with tangy and spicy water, chopped potatoes and sweet and sour chutneys. Shawarma, meanwhile, is a Lebanese delight made by grilling meat and wrapping it in Pita bread along with sauces and veggies. The sumptuous dish makes for a fulfilling snack and even a meal by itself.

Several Twitter users were intrigued by the bizarre combination of Pani Puri and Shawarma. The users wondered how exactly the two popular dishes would be combined together. A few also shared other such bizarre Pani Puri dishes that they had previously encountered. Take a look:

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What did you think of the Pani Puri Shawarma? Tell us if you’d try this bizarre dish in the comments below.

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