Twitter User Faces Glitch In Nigella Lawson’s Recipe, This Was Her Response

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The internet is a storehouse of hundreds of thousands of dishes and recipes. A quick search for any dish will reveal so many different ways of making a single preparation. But sometimes, just reading a recipe or watching its video may not be enough. It takes some amount of skills and knowledge to cook something in your own kitchen, else the recipe may result in a hilarious . Recently, a user tried a by British writer and cookbook author Nigella Lawson. The result was a funny and relatable glitch which the user shared on the micro-blogging platform. Take a look:

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In the photo that the user shared, we could see a mixer blender which turned into a glitch and caused a complete mess in the kitchen. The lid of the blender appeared to be nowhere in sight and the puree had splattered all over the nearby areas going right up to the ceiling!

The dish that the user was trying to make was a carrot coriander soup, whose recipe had been shared by Nigella Lawson. “Had a go at making your Carrott & Coriander soup today. Hit a glitch on step 5. The bit that shot into my mouth tasted amazing,” read the tweet, which received over 6k likes and hundreds of retweets from users.

The relatable cooking glitch won reactions from several users. In fact, Nigella Lawson herself sympathized with the . Take a look:

“Poor you! I had a beetroot soup incident like that once,” she wrote. A number of other Twitter users could also relate to the soup mishap. While some shared their own cooking fails, others suggested alternatives or solutions to prevent this from happening.

Take a look at some reactions:

In fact, later the Twitter user who had shared the original tweet said that he managed to make the soup again with excellent results. Take a look:

Well, we can definitely say all’s well that ends well! Has this ever happened to you as well? Tell us any personal anecdotes in the comments below.


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