Twitter User Demands Free Pizza For Likes, Here’s What Pizza Hut Said

Social media has become an important tool for brands to engage with customers. We have often seen food brands like Swiggy, , and Dominos interact with users every now and then. Recently, these brands also trended thanks to the hilarious Met Gala memes that they shared. But not all social media interaction by brands is a good idea. was recently caught in the middle of a social media spat with a Twitter user. It all started when @Zohadtweets asked Pizza Hut for the number of likes on his tweet to get a free pizza from the popular pizza chain. Take a look:

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“I mean it’s worth a try,” wrote the user in his caption. In the picture that he shared, we could see him asking the official handle of Pizza Hut, “Bro how many likes for 1 extra-large pizza with 6 breads and a ?” To this, Pizza Hut responded by saying, “10,000.” Soon enough, the likes on the Twitter user’s post crossed 10k, and Pizza Hut agreed to send him over free pizza. However, they said that the delivery would take two weeks and they only had a large pizza and no option for extra-large. Take a look:

Asking him for his number and address, they assured him that he would get the pizza within the next two weeks. The Twitter user did not like this response by Pizza Hut. He said that his original request had been for an extra-large pizza, and not a large one. The unjustified delay in delivery also irked him. “Forget it, keep your pizza man, don’t want it. This is disrespectful to all the people who participated. I’m not going to pizza hut ever again.”

A volley of tweets was then exchanged between the official handle of and the Twitter user Zohad. Take a look:

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The Twitter discussion then became a full-blown controversy. Other users also chimed in their responses, asking Pizza Hut to fulfill their promise of giving free pizza to the user. Several pointed out that the pizza chain was getting free promotion through all these tweets, and could be boycotted if they did not provide free pizza as agreed. Take a look:

Finally, it seems that the issue has been sorted with Pizza Hut agreeing to provide two large pizzas instead of a single extra-large one. What did you think of the controversy? Tell us in the comments below.

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