Turkish Chef ‘Salt Bae’ Opens New Restaurant, Prices Shock Twitter

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Remember the famous meme called ‘ Bae’ that went viral on the internet in 2017? The image showed a chef sprinkling salt on meat – an image that was widely circulated resulting in overnight stardom for . Since then, Nusret has opened up a restaurant franchise at exotic locations across the world. The latest addition to this chain is a new eatery in London on 23rd September 2021. He announced the opening of the eatery on his handle with a post. Take a look:

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“Opened at the heart of the world 23.09.2021,” he wrote in the caption. The pictures and videos showed the Nusr-Et restaurant in London, with Salt Bae cutting meat and sprinkling salt on it in his trademark style. However, the apparent glamour of the restaurant was called out by Twitter users after an invoice from the restaurant surfaced online. A single meal at the restaurant set the customers back by 1800 Pounds or approximately Rs. 1.80 lakh. Take a look:

The exorbitant prices at the Turkish chef’s restaurants left Twitter in shock. A single steak at the restaurant came for a whopping 630 Pounds. Several users also left comments about how expensive the were at the restaurant.

Take a look:

Interestingly, this is not the first restaurant by Salt Bae to come under flak for the excessive costs. Earlier this year, the Miami outlet of Nusr-Et had also been called out by many for overpriced food. What did you think of the prices at Salt Bae’s restaurant? Tell us in the comments below.

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