Try These 7 Mutton Recipes To Keep Warm This Winter

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Our cravings are at an all-time high during the winters. It is that time of the year when we like to keep ourselves warm inside our homes and experiment with our diet. And what is a better way to experiment than try some of the best mutton curries? Filled with traditional spices, these curries keep us warm and active. They also supply the vital nutrients required by our body to keep our immune system intact. Spices like cloves, cardamom, coriander powder, mace and nutmeg also add to the flavour of the meat.

A key step in meat and enriching its flavour is marination. Leaving meat pieces soaked in herbs, spices and yoghurt, curd or vinegar for a few minutes makes them suitable for easy cooking.

Here Are 7 To Try This Winter Season:

1.Rogan Josh

From the Kashmiri kitchen, it is prepared by braising pieces of lamb in gravy flavoured with aromatic spices like fennel, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. This dish gets its red colour from Kashmiri chilli peppers.

2.Laal Maas

This fiery dish is from the royal land of Rajasthan. Bound to make you sweat because of the use of Mathania chillies, this dish is said to be made using game meats.


Many believe the perfect nihari is prepared by slowly cooking the mutton pieces so much so that they completely blend with the buttery gravy. For those who are a fan of mutton marrow, this is a must-try dish.


There are many ways a korma is made but most of them have yoghurt, spices and whole spices as common ingredients. A popular Mughlai dish, korma has a delicate flavour and thick gravy.

5. Mutton Stew 

The perfect partner for idiyappam and appam, the Kerala Mutton Stew is also called Ishtu. It has a mild gravy flavoured with a lot of ginger and coconut milk.

6.Kosha Mangsho 

An iconic Bengali delicacy, it is best served with luchis and pulao. The word “kosha” is similar in meaning to bhuna used in northern India. This involves slowly cooking for a long time and so an abundance of patience.

7.Champaran Mutton Curry

Also known as ahuna mutton, this recipe involves slow cooking mutton pieces in a mix of spices in an earthen pot. Besides, litti chokha, sattu paratha and thekua, this lip-smacking cuisine is an incredibly tasty export from Bihar.


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