Try These 5 Kachori Recipes Next Time You Think Of Your Evening Chai

The evening chai is incomplete without something crispy, crunchy and spicy to go with it. Most people in India want something to eat with their evening or coffee. One, it’s like a relaxing stopover before reaching the final destination (dinner). Two, everybody needs a filler to carry on for the next few hours before dinner is served. Indians love kachoris and a cup of tea as their evening . It’s light, rich in nutrients and helps us maintain our calorie level. It is also fulfilling when compared to other snacks.

Evening is that time of the day when hunger strikes. Many dieticians advise going for a small amount of in the evening so that the dinner is light. It’s a wise strategy to keep weight in check. So, here are five kachori recipes that you should try at home:

1.Moong Dal Ki Kachori

The favour and benefits of moong dal make this kachori one of the favourite kachori recipes of all age groups. A little spicy, these kachoris are the most popular of all kachori recipes.

2.Moth Kachori 

Moth beans are a substitute for moong dal in kachoris. Equally spicy and rich in proteins, they are consumed widely across India. Moth beans mixed with spices, chutneys and and add the kick to this recipe.

3.Matar Kachori 

If you are on the side of those who are conscious about their , try this no-fry recipe. Unlike most of the kachori recipes, this is made with sooji (semolina) instead of maida (all-purpose flour). Rather than frying in oil, steam them.

4.Masala Kachori 

It is typically filled with a spicy mix of moong, urad dal and other stuffings. But here’s a masala kachori recipe that is perfect to team up with the morning or evening tea.

5.Pyaz Kachori

With kachoris, the possibilities for stuffing are endless. Deep-fried, golden, flaky and stuffed with spiced up onion chops and mashed potato, this recipe is a no-fuss option. You can cook it quickly for guests who arrive unexpectedly.

Make these delicious kachoris and let us know which one did you like the best. 

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