Train Driver Stops En Route To Buy Dahi; Video Leaves Internet In Splits

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The internet is a great source of entertainment and funny content. We often encounter hilarious videos on our daily scroll on . One such video that we recently came across featured a train driver who made an unscheduled stop en route to his usual journey. The reason this video was even more hilarious was why he made the stop in the first place – to buy Dahi! Believe it or not, the train driver’s assistant could be seen with a packet of the probiotic. After buying , he headed back to the train’s engine and that was when the train resumed its journey. Take a look at the video here:

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The video was widely circulated on multiple social media platforms, including where it was shared by user @nailatanveer. It has received over 1.6k views and many comments from users who were left in splits. The incident took place in Pakistan, where the passenger train originated from Lahore and headed towards Karachi. Reports suggest that such incidents are not uncommon in Pakistan’s railways.

Twitter users, however, were left laughing after watching the video of the hilarious incident. Several of them reacted to the . One said that it was a good thing that the vehicle used was a train and not a plane. Some said that maybe it was part of his daily chores which he remembered on the job.

Take a look at the funniest reactions:

What did you think of the video of the train driver? Tell us in the comments below.

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