Tired Of Eating Dal? Try These 5 Unique Moong Dal Based Recipes

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: Dal is one of the staples in India. Our daily meal is incomplete without a bowl of piping hot dal. Due to its mundane nature, some of us don’t look at dal with the same excitement as we look at a piece of barfi or a plate full of kebabs. We all know dal as our everyday meal that is often accompanied by rice, roti and sabzi, but what if we told you, your dal can be more than simple gravy? We have found 5 unique and interesting ways we can use moong dal to get an array of dishes, from snacks, main course to even desserts!

Moong Dal Recipes: Here Are 5 Unique Recipes Based On Moong Dal:

1.Moong Dal Ki Goli

If you enjoy having koftas and pakoda kadi, then you need to try this moong dal ki goli. In this dish, we have fried dumplings made of moong dal that is cooked in a simple yet flavoursome gravy of , , ginger-garlic paste and more.

Click here for the full recipe of Moong Dal Ki Goli.

2.Moong Dal Ki Barfi

Indians love barfi! We love it so much that we have tried to make almost everything into a barfi! Even dal can be used to make barfi. is a sweet and creamy mithai made of khoya, moong dal and almonds.

Click here for the full recipe of Moong Dal Ki Barfi.

3.Moong Dal Ka Chila

Chila is a delicious dish that gives our morning a healthy and energetic start. Usually, chila recipe has an egg in it as a source of protein. We have a chila recipe that uses dal as a source of protein, making it vegetarian friendly.

Click here for the full recipe of Moong Dal Ka Chila.

4.Moong Dal Kebabs

Who doesn’t love a kebab? The joy of having a crispy circular savoury snack is what makes eating a kebab so special. In this recipe, we use seasoned moong dal, curd and spices to create spicy and delicious kebabs that work excellent as a party snack.

Click here for the full recipe of .

Moong Dal Halwa

Halwa is one of the classic Indian desserts. Any wedding function we attend, we can always find a corner dedicated to halwa. That’s how much we love halwas! And, moong dal halwa is known as the perfect winter indulgence.

Click here for the full recipe of Moong Dal Halwa.

Try out these recipes and tell us in the comments section how you liked them.


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