This Unique Restaurant Serves Food On Toy Train, Twitter Approves

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In the post-COVID era, dining out has become a lavish affair. Restaurants and eateries are trying their best to entice customers with new and innovative things to look forward to. Recently, a restaurant came up with a Pav made with 24-karat gold. The glitzy treat soon grabbed eyeballs on the internet and the restaurant got plenty of attention. And now, Twitter users came across another unique restaurant that is serving on a toy train! The video was shared on the micro-blogging platform by industrialist Harsh Goenka. Take a look:

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The video has received over 32.3k views and thousands of likes and comments. “If you are missing train travel, here’s a unique restaurant in Hyderabad,” wrote Harsh Goenka in the caption. In the 39-second clip, we could see a toy train approaching a restaurant’s seating area from the kitchen. The various compartments of the train were loaded with , gravies, and papad. The train made its way straight to the diners without the need for any human intervention.

Twitter users were quick to point out that this toy train concept wasn’t unique to Hyderabad. In fact, this toy train restaurant could be found in many Indian cities including , Indore, and Ahmedabad. Several others expressed their desire to try out this unique and innovative concept. A few users also said that this mode of dining made sense in the post-COVID era, so that food could be delivered without the requirement of a server.

Take a look at the reactions:

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