This Sweet Potato Rabdi Screams Indulgence – Step-By-Step Recipe Inside

Think sweet potato and it reminds us of all things healthy. Popularly called shakarkandi in Hindi, this root vegetable is an excellent source of antioxidants, fibre and several essential nutrients that contribute to overall . Sweet potato is also rich in vitamin C and helps promote immunity and better . In fact, sweet potato can easily be dubbed as a healthier substitute for potato. You can use it in any recipe, instead of regular potato. It has a starchy texture and mildly-sweet taste that helps you put together any kind of dish with the vegetable, as per your wish. From spicy chaat for appetiser to sweet potato rice bowl for main course – the list of sweet-potato-based recipes go really long!

We found another unique sweet potato-based recipe that can satiate your sweet cravings to the fullest, that too in less than an hour. It is a lip-smacking bowl of sweet potatorabdi. For the unversed, rabdi is basically a traditional Indian sweet dish made with condensed , , nuts and spices. Here, the milk is continuously boiled to get a thick, creamy dessert. Extensively prepared across the Northern part of India, this creamy delight is quite similar to basundi – a popular dessert from Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is generally served in kulhad (earthen cups) and best enjoyed when paired with hot and crispy jalebi.

How To Make Sweet Potato Rabdi | Shakarkandi Rabdi Recipe:

In this particular recipe, instead of preparing the complete dish with milk, sweet potato is added to bring the creamy texture of the dish. Here, the vegetable is added to the milk and boiled until the whole thing turns thick. , cardamom powder, saffron and nuts are then added to the creamy milk and refrigerated for at least an hour before serving.

Click Here For The Step-By-Step Recipe Of Sweet Potato Rabdi.

This sweet treat can be a show-stealer at your next party. Try this recipe at home and let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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