This Street Vendor Is Selling Super Spicy Gol Gappas Filled With Green Chilli Paani

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If there is one thing common among most Indians, it is our love for spicy . People all around the world know that Indian food is synonymous with ‘masaledar’ (bursting with and flavour) food. From authentic regional dishes to classic street food, without Indian spices any dish feels incomplete. But how much spiciness can an Indian truly handle? The beloved gol gappa is one street food that is known for its ‘teekhapan’ and we Indian enjoy it so much so that we often keep gol gappa eating competitions with our friends and family. But can a gol gappa be too spicy? Thanks to the internet, we may have found the spiciest gol gappa ever. Don’t believe us? Take a look yourself:

In the video, we see the street vendor chop green chillies finely. Then he takes the handful of chopped green chillies and adds it to the spicy of and then seasons the water with more masalas. Then he pours it in the gol gappa. The gol gappa is brimming in chopped green chillies and spicy water. The vendor garnishes it with some , sev and pomegranate and the gol gappa is ready! The video is uploaded by Instagram-based food blogger @pizzapyaarhai and the video has garnered 1.7 million views and over 94k likes. We also get a glimpse of the food blogger’s reaction to trying this and she is sweating after eating these spicy gol gappas!

This green chilli filled gol gappa is truly spicy and the internet is amused by the blogger’s reaction. What can one expect out of a green chilli gol gappa but extreme spiciness?! The preparation of this gol gappa just conveys how spicy it can be, but it is an actual challenge that very few can take. Do you think you can survive these spicy gol gappas? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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