This Makhmal Paneer Kofta Makes For An Indulgent, Light Lunch Recipe Any Day

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Indian cuisine is a treasure trove of delectable delicacies. Every region of this nation will open your eyes to new ways of combining spices, veggies, flavours, and condiments in everyday cooking. And while there is no end to what we can make with all the different ingredients, the flavours of each dish never fails to surprise us. Take, for instance, a dish as simple as kofta! Kofta is prepared by finely chopping or meats, seasoning them, and deep-frying the fritters, which are then dipped in gravy. From making a palak kofta, lauki kofta to one filled with mashed potatoes, even this has many ways to experiment with. It has a wholesome and fulfilling taste that satisfies our hunger in no time. So, if you also love a delicious kofta as much as we do, here we bring you a makhmal that you must try!

Now we know that you must have eaten the kofta, but the that we bring you today is entirely different from the one you might have tried. This makhmal paneer kofta has a milder and creamier taste rather than the usual spicy tomato gravy. Plus, it is made with only a few ingredients, making it a quick recipe to cook any time. Read the full recipe below:

Here’s Make Makhmal Paneer Kofta | Makhmal Paneer Kofta Recipe

To make this dish, first, add finely chopped cashew nuts and makhana to grated paneer and make a soft . Then, make dumplings out of it and deep fry after coating it with corn flour. Once they turn crisp, take them out. Now, make a gravy with parboiled milk by adding salt, cashew nut paste, little ghee and spices. Add the fried balls to the gravy. Garnish with cashew nut and grated paneer and serve hot!

For the full recipe of makhmal paneer kofta, click here.

Make this delightful and light-textured kofta recipe. Then, let us know how you liked the taste of it in the comments below.

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