“This Is Yummmm”: Here’s How Hina Khan Satisfied Her Sweet Cravings On Diwali

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Diwali may be officially over. But the festive still gracing the house of actress Hina Khan. And we can’t take our eyes off the assortment of sweets she has received as Diwali gift. From silvered barfis of different types to rose-petal decorated sweets, Hina unabashedly showed off her box of Diwali sweets to her Instafam. In the video, we could notice laddoos and sweets loaded with and silver foils. We also spotted and rasgullas. Believe it or not, Hina was set to relish 12 different kinds of sweets. “This is yum,” wrote Hina, while wishing her Instafam a .

Hina Khan’s food diaries aren’t anything new to us. Diwali did spark off some of her sweet cravings, for sure. But it’s not just sweets that make her happy. A few days ago, the actress was treated to some yummy dum aloo biryani. We know that biryani is too delicious to refuse. But here’s another reason that made it a special treat for Hina. The biryani was cooked by none other than her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal. Hina wrote, “My boy cooked dum aloo biryani for me yesterday. Love you to the moon and back Rocky Jaiswal.” Click here to read more about it.

Hina may often indulge in scrumptious meals and lip-smacking sweets. But she also loves to balance it with healthy foods and drinks. Don’t believe us? Hina proved her love for healthy food when she flew down to for a vacation. Her food trips featured delicious lunches over fried fish and sautéed vegetables. But she balanced it with healthy drinks such as a glass of apple, carrot and ginger juice or a portion of fruits every once in a while.

We are aware of the actress’ sweet tooth. So, we aren’t surprised to see her celebrating her milestones in the industry with a delicious . After all, a foodie cannot leave out food when it comes to a special occasion. Here’s how Hina celebrated 12 years in the industry:

Thanks to Hina Khan for keeping the festive vibes alive through her food diaries.


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