This Hilarious Tweet Talks About Waiting For Compliments After Cooking

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Cooking a meal is a huge responsibility and home cooks would agree. Right from the starters to the , there is something so satisfying about cooking an elaborate meal from scratch. We often feel a moment of anxiety when we are presenting the dishes that we have prepared. Would people enjoy our cooking or would they not? Is it right to expect compliments for the elaborate meal you have cooked? If these are the questions running through your mind, trust us you are not alone. A recent thread has chronicled this very feeling in words. The post has gone and has made many cooks across the world relate to it. Take a look:

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The tweet was shared by user @LilyYily on Monday, 21st March. It has received much appreciation, garnering over 379k likes and 47k retweets. “My love language is cooking elaborate meals screaming at everyone to get out of the kitchen then loudly announcing the food was NOT MY BEST and waiting for compliments,” wrote the user in her tweet.

Keeping expectations low while cooking and then expecting compliments was an idea that struck a chord with so many home chefs. “I can’t describe how happy I am right now, knowing I’m not alone,” wrote one user in the comments while another said, “I am called out in the most accurate way. Yes, I have done this!”

Take a look at the reactions and responses to this hilarious tweet:

Do you resonate with the idea of fishing for compliments after cooking an elaborate meal? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments below.

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