This Genius Hack Gives You Fresh Apple Juice Without Using A Blender

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are one of the most versatile and dynamic fruits out there. Whether it’s a crumbly apple or a delicious , a creamy apple rabri, or a delightful apple salad – there are various recipes that use apple as the main ingredient. Apple juice is also one such refreshing drink that is popularly made with crunchy fruit. Freshly-squeezed apple juice is even better than its canned version, as it preserves the benefits of the fruit without adding any artificial flavours or sugar. But did you know that you can prepare fresh apple juice at home sans hassle? This genius hack says yes, as it shows the making of fresh apple juice at home without the need for using a blender or juicer. Take a look:

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The for making fresh apple juice was shared on Instagram by chef Eitan Bernath, who goes by the handle @eitan. The has received over 350k views and 27k likes since the time it was shared.

In the short video shared on Instagram Reels, chef Eitan explains how apples can be put in the freezer to make fresh apple juice from them. Simply freeze the apples for eight hours or overnight. This will make them quite hard. After this, defrost them for a couple of hours by placing them in a clean bowl. Now, the apples will become extremely soft and the juice will squeeze out easily by using bare hands! Simply press the apples from all sides to obtain the apple juice. Remember to use a sieve to filter out the peels and apple bits!

How easy and convenient right? This genius hack to make apple juice has simply won us over. This is not the only kitchen hack to go viral in the recent past. Recently, a blogger showed how to make microwave popcorn right, without the un-popped kernels in the packet. Click here to read more.

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