This Food Spread Is Making Maheep Kapoor Feel Christmassy

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Christmas is still a few days away. But the feasting has already begun at Maheep Kapoor’s home. While celebrating her anniversary with actor Sanjay Kapoor, Maheep is set to indulge in a great . The table is spread with delicious fare. And the look of the meal spread can remind her of only one thing — Christmas vibes. Maheep shared the delectable spread with her followers, where we see an Antipasto cheeseboard tray with savoury finocchiona meat slices, salty and dry asiago cheese, black and green olives, herbs, and other items.

We also see a tray of breadsticks next to a platter of like and papaya. Well, this scrumptious spread made Maheep feel Christmassy.

That was just the starter to the feast. In the next slide, we see a mouth-watering table spread displaying at least nine different kinds of dishes. We spot a tray of grilled prawns, a bowl of chicken salad, some dishes of curries and a row of trays containing pies and puddings. There’s also a bowl of dipping sauce on the table. The photo is enough to make us drool over such good food.

If Maheep Kapoor’s Christmas-like feast is making you drool, why not try out some Christmas pudding in your kitchen? This pudding is rich in raisins, prunes, apricots, dates, black currants and cranberries. It’s a fruity delight with orange zest, chopped and peeled , lemon juice and figs.

If you want a more savoury Christmassy treat, try whipping up a dish of honey roast chicken. Stuffed chicken bursting with a zing of Indian spices and basting of honey and oil makes for an unforgettable dish.

Maheep Kapoor’s food adventures are a feast for our eyes. She places no restrictions on herself when it comes to delicious food. During an outing, she indulged in a creamy dish of lobster and coupled it with a glass of red wine. She also dived into mille-feuille, which is a French Napoleon shortcake. In the caption, she mentioned, “red wine, lobster, mille fueille”, and added the hashtag, “mykindaevening”. Here’s a recipe of Blueberry mille-feuille, that’ll make you crave for more.

A couple of weeks ago, Maheep Kapoor had shared an image of a breakfast that included a variety of food that is not only healthy but also colourful. In the image that Maheep shared, we can see colourful food items such as blueberries, pomegranate seeds and curd on the side. She captioned it, “Eat a rainbow” and added a rainbow sticker. Maheep also tagged her son, stating “@jahaankapoor brekkie”, an informal word for breakfast. To know more about Maheep’s and Jahaan’s rainbow meal, click here.

Don’t forget to tell us what you thought of Maheep Kapoor’s food adventures. We feel they are an envy-inducing affair.

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