This College Student Takes Initiative To Preserve Traditional Kashmiri Cuisine

is as rich as its culture. What makes it yet more popular is the diversity every region offers. Visit any part of the country and you will get an extensive range of recipes with unique taste, aroma and texture. One such amazing instance is Kashmiri cuisine. A region known for its breath-taking beauty, Kashmir also offers a lavish spread – made with unique and local produce. And if you look into in depth, you will find each dish is prepared keeping the climate and geography of the state in mind. However, not much has been explored about the cuisine. Hence, a young entrepreneur from the region has taken an initiative to preserve the traditional foods of Kashmir.

Asma Bhat, a first-year Bachelor of Arts student of Amar Singh College Srinagar has created a platform, through which she is selling a wide range of Kashmiri foods including rote (traditional Kashmiri ), noon chai, kehwa and more. This initiative has been taken to preserve the culture of preparing traditional foods. According to Asma, with changing lifestyle and modernisation, people have stopped preparing these foods at home.

“No doubt the traditional cuisine is still famous but the rest of the other traditional items are losing their popularity day by day. That’s why I’m trying hard to revive all the food products that represent Kashmiri culture and traditions. So that in future our traditional foods that belong to our culture also will be alive and the younger generation should know the importance of our rich past enjoying the unique taste” said Asma.

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