This Chef’s Unique Chopping Style Is Stunning Instagram Users

Culinary skills are tough to master. From vegetables to blending ingredients in the right proportion, one needs to ace it all in order to become a master in the kitchen. Some people’s culinary talents are too good to ignore. A cook with stunning chopping skills is a rare gem. And, if these skills are coupled with stupendous speed, there’s no way we can lift our eyes off the kitchen tabletop. A recent video of a chef has gone . Thanks to his stunning chopping skills. In the video, he is seen cutting nine cucumbers in a row. He chops off their ends with a wide-edge knife and proceeds to slice them one by one. He takes one cucumber, nips the other end, thrusts his hand on the little piece and slices it in a strange horizontal style with amazing speed. At no point in the cutting process does the chef hurt himself.

The video, shared by an page named “reelsemperor”, was captioned, “Top Cutting Skills.” The video has been liked over 7 lakh times. Take a look at this amazing video:

Viewers were amazed at this chef’s skills. One user wrote, “That’s some skills in the sharpest knife right there.” Another praised the chef’s skills and wrote, “This is one creative skill, fast and thin and control.”

A surprised person commented, “Usually that part is thrown out. With those skills, this guy could feed an entire nation using a single cucumber.” 

This person was stunned by the cutting speed and wrote with humour, “I would’ve left some hand carpaccio in that process.” 

Another wrote, “I wouldn’t dare.”

The Instagram page features other posts too. In one video, we see a person practising make a lovely cream design in a cup of . The person adds the cream to the cup in controlled ways and makes a pattern of hearts. The video caption read, “Practice.”

In another interesting clip, we saw how a person made popcorn out of corn without using fire. Do you think it is strange? We did too. The person is seen using a pump-like machine to make the corns pop out. Take a look:

Food becomes more interesting when we have such strange and interesting food-related videos around us.

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