This 4-Ingredient Coconut Drink May Help Boost Immunity (Recipe Inside)


Over the last two years, we all have found ways to increase our immunity and make our bodies healthy. In this process, we have made many dietary changes and added to our list. As we indulge in nutrient-rich dishes, they help boost immunity as well as help combat seasonal infections and flu. However, if you are looking for a drink that is not just healthy but also delicious, then here we bring you a yummy drink made using that you must try!

Coconut , plant-based milk, is extracted from the flesh of coconuts. The texture of this milk is thick and creamy that fills your stomach in no time. Along with that, this plant-based milk is known to be rich in many nutrients, aids in , is rich in anti-oxidants, promotes healthy skin and hair and creates an electrolyte balance.

So, with these benefits, let us see make an immunity-boosting drink from coconut milk.

Here Is The Recipe Of Immunity Boosting Coconut Milk

To make this drink, add coconut milk in a blender. To this, add ginger juice, some pepper and . Blend these well and pour them in a glass to enjoy!

You can make this drink every morning and adjust the flavours as per you’re your liking.

For the full recipe of immunity-boosting coconut milk, click here.

Make this yummy drink, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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