These Bizarre Noodle-Flavoured Sodas Have Sent Twitter Into A Meltdown

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We thought we have seen enough, but no, the world keeps surprising us every day, with one bizarre revelation at a time. That’s why when we got to know about the upcoming product of Nissin Cup , we didn’t know react. For fans of noodles and soda, we have news – because now you can take a sip of the noodle or chew your soda; whichever way you want to put it! The Japanese chain is coming up with a mind-blowing recipe of noodle-flavoured soda and we just can’t get over this idea. The company, founded in 1971, rang into their 50 years of business, and to commemorate the day, they have introduced this new product.

The company shared the news on its official profile. When translated from Japanese, the tweet stated that the company is urging its fans to try out the new product. Till now, the tweet has garnered more than 49K likes and almost 40K retweets on the micro-blogging platform. They have introduced four handpicked flavours for the soda – Cup Noodle Soda, Cup Noodle Seafood Soda, Cup Noodle Soda and Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Soda.  

Take a look:

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According to a report by Japan Today, “The Cup Noodle Soda is said to be a ginger ale-style soda that contains the aroma of salty sauce and pepper, while the Cup Noodle Seafood Soda uses a cream soda-style base with a “hidden” hint of seafood. The Cup Noodle Curry Soda is a cola-style soda finished with curry spices, and the Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Soda is a tomato-style soda with a refreshing tingle that gently stimulates the taste buds.”

This news has sent Twitter into a meltdown. Fans of the cup noodles have shared mixed reactions to the announcement. While some refused to jump on the bandwagon and take a sip, a few felt compelled to try the new product. We have curated their reactions below:

No matter how much we want to try the same and decide for ourselves, for now, the product is only available in Japan. Would you try this bizarre noodle-flavoured soda? Tell us in the comments below.

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