These 7 Vegetables Pack The Most Powerful Antioxidant Punch; Add Them To Your Diet.

Vegetables Pack

We all like to keep our waistline slim, maintain good , ensure that the brain is sharp. To achieve all these, a person needs to include antioxidants — compounds found in food — in their . But where do we get them? There are a huge variety of foods that provide the body with antioxidants. These antioxidants fight the damage to cells and prevent serious illnesses by removing free radicals from the body. So, add foods rich in antioxidants to your daily menu for health and well-being. Here, we have curated a list of 7 vegetables for you that are rich in antioxidants. Take a look!

These 7 Vegetables Pack The Most Powerful Antioxidant Punch

1) Broccoli

Broccoli contains antioxidants such as carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene. This green vegetable is available throughout the year and you can eat it in many different ways. If you don’t like boiled broccoli on your plate, have it in the form of a . Here, grated broccoli is added to butter. Spices in the dish like green chilis, salt, pepper along others make it a perfect delicacy. Click here for the recipe of broccoli tikki.

2) Kidney Beans

Popularly known as rajma, they are a storehouse of proteins and high on antioxidants. They provide a host of health benefits, such as regulating blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and boosting immunity. For many people in India, rajma and rice is comfort food. Just cook the rajma in spices, tomatoes, and , and serve it with rice. For the recipe of rajma, click here.

3) Spinach

It is a well-known fact that spinach is rich in antioxidants and is very healthy. Popularised by the cartoon show Popeye – the Sailor Man, the leafy vegetable has a number of health benefits — ensures eye health and blood pressure. With spinach, you can make a range of mouth-watering delicacies that can become the hero on the dinner table. Click here for some of the best spinach recipes.

4) Tomato

Tomatoes, one of the most commonly used food items in our dishes, are a great source of antioxidants. They also have Vitamin A and Vitamin C. A simple tomato curry is the go-to recipe if you want to have a tasty and healthy meal. Tomatoes in this dish taste better when cooked with moong dal and of course, other spices. Click here for the recipe.

5) Lettuce

The mention of lettuce makes you think that it’s a salad staple. But did you know it is rich in antioxidants and has a range of other health benefits too? This delectable healthy vegetable also has a lot of -loss-promoting properties, thanks to its high-fibre content. Click here for an interesting recipe — how to use lettuce as cups to make .

6) Cabbage

Cabbage, especially the purple variety, is a great source of antioxidants. It’s also loaded with Vitamin C and helps in boosting immunity. The vegetable also helps in combating inflammation. It aids in weight loss, detoxifies the body, manages blood sugar, and promotes healthy skin. For some of the best cabbage recipes, click here.

7) Potato

Potato is one of the most loved vegetables in Indian households. It has a high level of antioxidant compounds. They are also an excellent source of Vitamins C, Potassium, and manganese. These apart, it has other benefits too, such as curbing inflammation and boosting immunity. If you want to make some incredible dishes using potatoes and are looking at recipes, click on this link.

So, boost the levels of antioxidants in your body by consuming these vegetables and reap many other health benefits.

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