The Rock Eats This When He Is Struck By One Of  Those Cheat Meal Days

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“The Rock” Johnson, who is known to have a disciplined life, recently had one of those days when he broke a tradition to enjoy a cheat meal. This time, on a Wednesday. Yes, that’s true. Those who follow the actor religiously will know that usually has his cheat meals on Sundays and often shares pictures of his platter on social media. So what was on his Wednesday cheat day menu? The platter included two juicy double cheeseburgers, crispy fingers and fries, and a bottle of Teremana tequila. This sounds lip-smackingly delicious. 

Dwayne Johnson, undoubtedly, works hard through the week and hence it’s understandable why he would want to break out of his daily routine and add some calories to his day. One of his favourite cheat meals is Rock Toasts – French toasts that are four inches thick.

Dwayne Johnson, a former WWE champion and an actor, enjoys his cheat meals so much that he has given himself the title of “Cheat Meal King” as relished French crusted with his favourite cereals ( Toast Crunch) “right off the griddle”.

Another time, his cheat meal included Turkey sub and his now-popular “Rock Toast”, which is a 4-inch thick Brioche French toast. These were accompanied by bottles of , blackberry jelly and maple syrup. “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself, my friends,” he had said then.

Dwayne Johnson’s cheat meals are fun and always look super delicious.

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