Thandai Ice Tea Recipe: Make Most Of Holi Celebration With This Amazing Drink

Holi is just around the corner and preparations are on an all-time high to celebrate one of the most colourful festivals of the year. Gulaal, gujiya and water guns have found their firm place in the local markets; and we are busy making arrangements for the Holi party. Food plays a major role in Holi celebration. We prepare gujiya, kachori, dahi bhalla, and various other sweet and savoury food items to make Holi an indulgent affair. What adds on to the feast are the soul soothing . The very thought of soul-soothing drinks instantly remind us of . Dry fruits paste infused in milk, with fresh fruits on the top, thandai tastes delicious. What if we say, we have amazing recipe that will make thandai yet tastier for you! Yes, you heard us. It’s called thandai ice tea.

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Rich and creamy thandai, mixed with refreshing ice tea, this drink brings the best of both the worlds on the table. Besides being yummy, this drink will also cool you down and quench your thirst instantly. Let’s find out how to make thandai ice tea.

How To Make Thandai Ice Tea:

To make this drink, we need almonds, tea bag, khus khus, , ice cubes, peppercorn, fennel seeds, cardamom seeds and a pinch of saffron.

First, take almonds, khus khus, cardamom, peppercorn and fennel seeds in a mixer grinder and blend. Add the powder and crushed sugar in a teapot. Include the saffron strands as well.

Dip the tea bag and pour water. Let it infuse. Finally, take a glass, add ice cubes in it and pour the tea. Enjoy a glass of refreshing thandai ice tea.

Watch the detailed recipe of thandai ice tea in the header.

If you are looking for some more innovative thandai-based recipe, then here’s one of our favourite recipes for you to try. It’s called thandai phirni. Click here for the thandai .

Happy Holi 2022, everyone!

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