Tawa Paneer Burger: A ‘Desi’ Homemade Burger To Sate Your Street Food Cravings

are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about fast . They are delectable, fulfilling and bursting with flavours. It is one of the easiest dishes to make, and even the most amateur chef can’t go wrong with it! From making a basic patty burger to a hamburger, there are various burger recipes that you can try your hands on. But in all these recipes, the one recipe that certainly rules our hearts is the desi tawa burger! After all, we can never get enough of that lip-smacking buttery taste! So, if you are also a fan of desi burgers, then it’s time to make one at home. Here we bring you a delicious recipe of Tawa burger that you must try.

In this recipe, first, a delicious paneer patty is made out of marinated paneer. It is then added in the middle of a toasted bun. Along with it, veggies and sauces are also added to complete the burger. Sounds yummy, right?! Once you make this, serve it with crispy fries for ultimate indulgence! You can quickly make this recipe any time to beat that sudden hunger. Plus, this burger will be a hit among your kids. So let us check out make this delicious recipe.

How To Make Tawa Paneer Burger | Easy Homemade

Take a bowl and add curd, red chilli powder, pepper, salt and chaat masala and mix. Put this prepared marinade on a slab of paneer and pan fry it till golden. Next, thinly cut tomatoes, onions and cucumber. Take a bun and toast it in butter and a bit of red chilli. Now assemble the burger.

First, add tomato ketchup to the base, and then add the prepared paneer. Now put in the sliced veggies, top it off with one cheese slice. On the other toast, add mustard sauce. You can choose to add any of your favourite sauces in the middle of the burger. Serve it with fries, and enjoy!

For the full recipe of the Tawa paneer burger, click here.

Make this delicious delight, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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