Tara Sutaria Turns Chef, Cooks This Extra Spicy Classic Malabari Combo

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Tara Sutaria has a soft corner for food. Recently, the actress gave us a glimpse of her culinary adventures in the kitchen and left us drooling. Tara shared a photo of a sumptuous meal on Stories. She had cooked an extra spicy ghee roast prawn in a pool of , and she teamed it with crumbly Malabari parathas. Tara captioned the photo, “I cooked after weeks! My extra spicy ghee roast prawn (with extra ghee) and tons of crumbly Malabari parathas!” If you are a seafood lover, we’re sure you’d love the flavours of this spicy dish.

Most of us like scrumptious sweet snacks, especially in winter. Tara Sutaria is no exception. With a plateful of pastries, she made her winter days a delicious affair. A couple of months ago, Tara had shared a photo of her drool-worthy dish — three swirl-topped vanilla meringues and three gooey and glazed walnut pie slices — that she had for dinner. She captioned the post, “Walnut pie and meringues for dinner.” Take a look at it here.

Tara Sutaria’s food Stories often leave us with a rumbling tummy. Once, she had shared a photo of her lavish dinner table on and we were thrilled to see what she was relishing. Her dinner featured many plates with just one of them being in focus. It was a dish, some grilled tomatoes, raw onions, green chillies, and juicy pieces of long kebabs. She wrote, “Koobideh and berry pulao with spicy chilli! Pure joy. Always grateful for the food on our table.” For all those who don’t know koobideh is an Iranian kebab prepared from keema. Read more about it here.

Tara Sutaria likes to celebrate festivals with delicious meals and her Navroz celebration, last year, was proof. Her feast for the Parsi New Year back in August had us slurping. Going by the photos she shared, we saw that the food was served on banana leaves. We could spot biryani, paratha, some sabzi and mutton/chicken curry. Tara wrote, “Navroze lunch at home”. Click here to know more about it.

Tara Sutaria’s side is a delight and we can’t wait to see what’s next from her culinary diaries.

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