Tamannaah Bhatia’s Herbal Infusion Can Help You Fight Bloating! Find Out The Recipe

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Who doesn’t love a cup of good brew? But are you sure you don’t want to move over the regular and coffee? If you have been feeling a bit bloated these days, it may be a sign that your body needs something more than a cup of caffeine. An infusion made with some Indian condiments may be the perfect answer to that. Actress Tamannaah Bhatia is here to give us her recipe. Her video on Stories showed her making a brew with ajwain, saunf mix and jeera. She took small quantities of these three condiments on a plate.

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Then, she added them to hot and heated them to a boil. Thereafter, she poured the infusion into a cup. She wrote, “Helps support digestion and prevents .”

This isn’t the only herbal drink that Tamannaah prefers to drink. In one of her Instagram videos, she took us through her morning routine. There, she started her day with some me-time, spent 10 minutes oil-pulling to detoxify her mouth and then poured herself a cup of lemon cinnamon water. Tamannaah wrote, “Alkalise your body and kickstart your metabolism with some lemon cinnamon water.” Her caption read, “The way you begin your day impacts your life. Here’s how I start my day, every day.”

Tamannaah has a strong streak in her. She is not only a fan of healthy infusions but also loves to indulge in some fast food once in a while. Her Instagram timeline is proof. Once she posted a photo where she picked up a good amount of noodles from her plate at an eatery. The expression on her face definitely revealed her happiness. “This picture could have made me miss my flight but it was totally worth it,” she wrote in her caption.

Tamannaah loves to have fun with her food. If her sweet tooth craves a during breakfast, she abides. Once, she had dessert for her breakfast and posed with her food for the camera too. “Dessert for breakfast,” her caption read.

One day, Tamannaah even shared a funny samosa flowchart with her Instafam? Want to have a look at it? Here is her post:

We adore Tamannaah Bhatia’s love for food and her food posts. What do you think?


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