Summer Special: Looking For A Quick Summer Sweet Treat? Try These Easy Kacha Aam Candy Popsicles

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Bright, chilled and colourful, popsicles are just what you need to brighten up any draining summer day. It might be difficult to agree on most days, but summer has its own elements to make us fall in love with it! Chilled treats like ice creams, popsicles, sherbet, kulfis, cold salads and the many refreshing nutritious fruit juices are just some of them. Agreed, summer in India is hot and humid, but you can easily turn it into a relaxing time with the help of summer like this Kacha aam candy .

Shared by Parul Gupta on her YouTube channel ‘Cook with Parul’, this kacha aam (raw mango) popsicle is one of those summer treats that anyone can make at home. Popsicles can be made with many fresh summer fruits, they are easy to make, require no prior preparation or a lengthy ingredient list. Don’t have raw mangoes at home? Fret not. Use your favourite kacha aam candy to make this easy treat. Here is how you can make kacha aam candy popsicle at home with the most basic ingredients and equipment.

How To Make Kacha Aam Candy Popsicle l Kacha Aam Candy Popsicle :

Parul has prepared the kacha aam candy popsicle with the help of numerous kacha aam candies found in the market and you can do so too. Get your favourite candy and grind it into a coarse powder. In a pot, add water and bring it to a rolling boil. Add the crushed candy powder and some lime juice, sugar and for that perfect sweet and savoury flavour. Keep stirring and mix all the ingredients together. Add a pinch of chaat masala towards the end and take off the heat.

You may use a kulfi mould, a small paper cup or any similar utensil to make these popsicles. Pour the liquid into them and cover with foil paper; this ensures that the popsicle freezes evenly and also helps firm the stick in one place. Freeze for at least 4-5 hours and it’s ready to be devoured. For the detailed recipe, take a look at the here:

Try making this quick and easy summer treat at home, let us know how it turns out in the comments below.

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