‘Squid Game’ Challenge: Beijing Bakery Creates New Candy Contest After Hit Show

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The internet is no stranger to the popular show ‘Squid Game’. The South Korean series has become one of the top hit shows to be launched on an OTT platform, raking in several millions of dollars of revenue. The much-talked-about show is based on a contest, in which competitors must battle it out in a series of childhood games to win a bumper cash prize while the losers are eliminated by being killed. In one of the games, contestants are required to etch out a shape from a candy made from sugar. A Beijing has introduced a new challenge or contest for customers to make this candy from ‘Squid Game’.

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Also known as Dalgona candy, the confection had featured in one episode of the ‘Squid Game’. It is made by melting sugar and adding baking soda to create a brittle and hard treat. The food contest by the Beijing bakery costs 58 Yuan or 9 US dollars. The idea is to make the candy from scratch in under 10 minutes and carve them out into various shapes. The last stage of the creation is especially tricky since the mixture sets quickly and becomes prone to cracking.

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The Beijing bakery’s owner, Hao Jing, is herself a big fan of ‘Squid Game’. “Our customers are mainly young people and young people make up many of this show’s fans,” she told Reuters. Around 20 customers have already taken part in this interesting challenge based on the hit show. “Just now when I was doing the first shape, I thought I was doing really well,” said 27-year-old participant Li Zi. “But then I got to this one, and broke it,” she said, holding up two parts of a star-shaped . And then I subconsciously started shaking a little with nerves as I thought about the show.”

If you’re intrigued by this food challenge shared by the Beijing bakery, you will definitely need to learn make the Dalgona Candy from ‘Squid Game’. The recipe is actually quite simple and requires just two ingredients and 15 minutes to cook.

Click here for the full recipe.

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