Sikh Volunteers Deliver 3,000 Meals For People Stranded In Canada Floods

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Massive floods have devastated the British Columbia province in , with rains destroying roads and isolating several towns in the region. People have been left stranded and strapped for resources like medicines, food supplies, and other essential resources. While emergency services are working their best, citizens too stepped up to help out in their own way. In the town of Hope, 160 kilometers east of Vancouver, food was starting to run low. Sikh volunteers spent all night preparing and delivering 3,000 meals to people stranded in Hope during the floods. Take a look:

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“About 100 volunteers at the Dukh Nivaran Sahib Gurdwara Sikh temple in Surrey spent all night Tuesday preparing about 3,000 meals and then hired helicopters to deliver the food to Hope,” said the temple’s president, Narinder Singh Walia, to Reuters. Pictures of the volunteers in action surfaced on preparing meals with foods such as Roti, cooked carrots, and fruit. The Sikh volunteers are paying for private helicopters to drop off the food items to the people stranded in the floods in Canada.

One of the volunteers, Amarjit Dhadwar, is a former truck driver himself. He told CityNews that his friends called him telling him about being stuck – so he and volunteers jumped into action. “It’s in our blood. The Punjabi and is always ready to help others.” The volunteers are accepting donations and say that further help is on the way. Dhadwar asks the people stranded to be brave and stay strong till more help arrives. “We will do other things next, donuts, bread, and other supplies prepared for the next delivery,” he adds.

Twitter users showered  for the incredible help by the Sikh volunteers from the Surrey Gurudwara. Several asked how they could donate online to support their initiative. Others thanked the volunteers for their efforts during such testing times. Take a look at the reactions here:

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