Shilpa Shetty Turns Healthy “Breakfast Girl” With Bun, Cereals And Fruit Juice

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From pleasant views to a fantastic stay, ’s Goa trip has got all that it takes to pamper oneself. After she posed at a lavishly decorated dining space, the actress was seen gorging on some delicious food during her holiday. We weren’t surprised to see some healthy yet yummy treats on Shilpa’s platter during her breakfast. Shilpa is supremely conscious about her health and is revered among her fans for this reason. For breakfast, she chose a plate of freshly toasted bun, a preparation of green vegetables and a delicious serving of cheesy mashed .

Shilpa also showed off a healthy bowl of cereals. She had orange juice and an extra bowl of butter on the side. Shilpa added the hashtags, ‘Goa diaries’ and ‘breakfast girl’, to her post.

Shilpa Shetty has a foodie streak in her. She shares this trait with her son too. In a video, we can see mother and son gushing over a tray of freshly baked choco chip cookies. But wait. Those weren’t regular cookies that would bloat you with their flour content. They were vegan and made without any flour and refined sugar. Shilpa called them “vegan oat choc cookies”. How did her son love to have this Sunday treat? He at once broke one of the cookies and filled it with delicious vanilla . The caption read, “Sunday binge with son on a Sunday. Made healthy Vegan choc chip cookies today and filled it with Vanilla ice cream.” Shilpa added, “Yummy! ice cream sandwich was polished in under a minute.”

Shilpa’s this year was an absolute cake affair. She received at least five cakes on her day. The birthday girl received three delicious-looking for her birthday party. One of them had strawberries on top while another was decorated with elaborate golden embellishments. We caught a glimpse of a vanilla cream glazed cake on the farther end of the table. In the corner of the frame, we also noticed a pink cream smeared cake.

We are never getting tired of Shilpa Shetty’s food diaries. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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