Shevga Dal Masala: This Mahashtrian Dal Recipe Is All You Need For A Quick Dinner Fix

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If there is one comfort food common in all Indian households, it has to be the classic dal, right? The soothing flavours, easy recipes and comforting feel on the palate makes dal one of the most-cooked dishes in the country. From dal tadka to , it is the undying love for dal that most of us include this delicious and versatile staple in our daily diet. For instance, on those tiresome weekdays when you can’t stand to sweat it out in the kitchen, it is the classic dal- or dal- combination that come to our rescue. Just pair this heavenly palter with an aam ka and you’ve got yourself a wholesome meal right there. Such is the versatility of the humble dal that we may have a different dal every day of the week and still have lots left to try for the .

And since our favorite dal is enough to complete a quick and easy meal, we thought why not bring you a delicious dal recipe that could be your next go-to for a busy/tired/lazy day. It’s called the Shevga Dal Masala and it’s a Maharashtrian dal recipe that is enough on its own to complete a meal. But mind you, the dal is not just any simple dal, it comes with the southern flavors and an extremely healthy addition that is the drumstick. An easy sambar if you may call it, the Shevga Dal masala is enhanced with a sizzling tadka of ghee and leaves. Pressure cook, temper, and serve, that’s how easy it is to enjoy this wholesome dish. Read the recipe below.

How To Make Shevga Dal Masala l Shevga Dal Masala Recipe:

Wash and soak urad dal for some time. In a pressure cooker add the soaked dal, drumstick, chopped ginger-garlic, and all the other required ingredients. Pressure cook for 3-4 whistles. Take the lid off and add the required garnish. Now in a tadka pan heat ghee, add asafoetida, curry leaves, and cumin. Add on top of dal.

As soon as you add the tadka, put the lid back on. This will ensure the aroma of the tadka seeps into the dal and makes it much more flavourful.

Prepare this on a busy night or on days when you want to enjoy a light and hearty meal. Click here for the recipe of Shevga Dal Masala.

Try out this easy Maharashtrian dal recipe and let us know how it turns out, in the comments below.


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