Shanaya Kapoor’s Orb And Oscar Birthday Cakes Are A Stunner

b8bvn80o shanaya kapoor 625x300 20 October 21

To say that Shanaya Kapoor had a blast on her would be an understatement. The star kid’s birthday treats were nothing less than drool-worthy. Actor and Maheep Kapoor’s daughter turned 22-years-old yesterday and we can’t help but notice the unique treats she got on this special day. Maheep posted photos from the evening birthday celebrations. What we saw was one of the loveliest orb cakes in front of Shanaya. The had pink swirling patterns, with a broad golden ring around the centre. It was decorated with a golden cake topper and we could also see some flowers lying beside it. In the photo, Shanaya seemed too elated to show her face.

Maheep Kapoor posted another photo where Shanaya was sitting in front of a bowl of chocolate ice cream. A small candle was put in the bowl. Shanaya sat with her eyes closed, perhaps making her birthday wish and preparing to blow out the candle. 

Shanaya’s birthday became a spectacle when she received a cake with a replica of the Oscar on it. The chocolate cake was a mouth-watering treat. The cake was glazed in chocolate and dripping with dark chocolate syrup. Delicious macaroons and crispy chocolate-covered balls studded the top of the cake. At the centre was a golden figurine styled in the shape of the Oscar. That’s what we call a delicious and filmy birthday treat. Sanjay Kapoor posted the cake-cutting video and wrote, “Happy birthday my heart. Always be happy and keep smiling like this, love you.”

Last year, too, Shanaya’s birthday party featured an assortment of delicious desserts. In the photos, we saw three different kinds of : a rosette cake, a plain glazed cake and another one decorated with chocolate bars and macaroons. We also noticed a cute Angry Birds theme cake. From delectable cupcakes to a jar of mousse to a range of , the birthday platter was everything scrumptious and fun.

Shanaya’s birthdays are an envy-inducing treat day every year and we love to get a glimpse of the delicious foods.


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