Shaheen Bhatt’s Birthday Cake Is A Tale Of Fusion Delicacies

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What would you prefer for your birthday treat? Chocolate or ? Biscoff or ? Perhaps you love all these options and don’t want to miss out on any of them on your special day. Well, if you are as lucky as Shaheen Bhatt, you may get all these flavours and textures packed into your birthday cake. Alia Bhatt’s sister received a pleasant birthday surprise from pastry chef Pooja Dhingra. Social media updates show that Shaheen received two scrumptious cakes on her day. One cake looked chocolaty, studded with macaroons and drizzled with some caramel. The second cake was a fusion of biscoff and banoffee. Shaheen thanked the chef for “making all my birthday dreams come true since 2010.” She added, “This year, the dream was a banoffee plus biscoff (bancoff) . I am crying, Pooja Dhingra.”

A banoffee is an English pie made with bananas, cream and . It also has a base of crumbled biscuits and butter. Whereas a biscoff refers to a type of cookie. Pooja Dhingra clarified that the second cake was a fusion of these two delicacies while bringing a wholesomeness with cream and honeycomb texture.

Take a look at the first cake:

After seeing these cakes, are you curious to try something new in your kitchen? Then go for a banoffee pie. Why not? The is easy and requires a few basic ingredients. Dairy cream, biscuit, caramel syrup, bananas and butter are some of the main ingredients. Add milkmaid and chocolate glaze too. Check out this recipe for details.

Do you want to experiment with chocolate cakes? You may be bored of the same recipe or simply willing to try a more minimalist one. Check out this banana chocolate cake recipe. Nothing can beat this three-ingredient recipe. It’s easy and takes less time. Peanut butter adds flavour and texture.

If you are craving a chocolaty treat without much hassle, you may like a simple . Take eggs, milk, sugar, flour, cocoa powder and baking powder. A few drops of vanilla essence will amp up the taste. You can experiment with this recipe by adding your favourite flavours and crushed nuts. Culinary experiments couldn’t get simpler.

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