Selena Gomez Makes Masala Chai With Padma Lakshmi, Internet Approves

Indian food has found a huge fan following across the world. From top chefs to Hollywood celebrities, global personalities are trying the marvels of Indian cuisine and loving it. In October 2020, the recipe for ‘Chai Latte’ by a renowned publication had gone viral. pointed out the mistakes in it and showed the right way to make it. And now, singing sensation Selena Gomez has tried her hands at making the classic Indian Masala Chai, with a little help from celebrity chef Padma Lakshmi. The results of their cookout were quite interesting to watch! Take a look:

The video was shared on by Selena Gomez’s fan page, Selenators for Gomez. It has raked in over 1.5 million views and 39k likes since the time it was posted. The clip was from the popular television show, ‘Selena + Chef’, wherein the American pop singer cooks up some delicious dishes while collaborating with top chefs. In this particular episode, the featured cuisine was none other than our beloved Indian.

Not only did Selena whip up the classic Masala Chai, but she also learned make scrumptious prawn and . In the clip, Selena can be seen making the classic Masala chai, which was referred to as ‘Chai Tea’. Padma Lakshmi guided her through the process of boiling water, adding tea leaves and spices, and bringing the mixture to a boil. The duo also used brown sugar and honey in the recipe. Selena Gomez was also taught how to eat rice with their hands in true desi style.

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While Selena Gomez was unfamiliar with some of the elements of tea, such as the tea strainer or sieve and Cardamom, the resulting tea definitely garnered approval from Indian YouTube users. “Selena’s tea looks more Indian, and delicious, than the lady who is showing her how to make it,” read one of the top comments on the post. Another suggested, “If you want good tea, don’t switch it off as soon as it rises. Keep it on low and let the tea stay on heat for a while… That’s where the taste of tea lies.”

What did you think of Selena Gomez’s attempt at making Masala Chai? Tell us in the comments below.

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