Scallion Chilli Oil: Chef Saransh Goila Shares Easy Homemade Recipe

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There’s something inherently fulfilling and pleasurable about dipping a food into a sauce or dip and experiencing the taste morph into something else. The flavour of each element is amplified by the sauce or dip. Whether it’s a quick preparation for guests, a movie night by yourself or sauces for a family barbeque, all kinds of sauces can be easily made at home. In an Instagram video, has shared a of scallion chilli sauce. In the caption, he stated that this spring onion oil would be perfect as a dip as well as topping.

Here are the ingredients for ’s scallion chilli sauce:

1) Lots of sliced scallion in a bowl

2) Chilli flakes

3) Fried onions

4) Fried garlic

5) Star anise

6) Big cardamom

7) Cumin seeds

8) Sichuan peppercorn

9) Aromat powder

10) Soya sauce and roasted sesame oil

11) Hot oil

How to make scallion chilli sauce?

Firstly, take lots of sliced scallions in a bowl. Add chilli flakes, chopped fried onions, fried garlic, star anise, followed by big cardamom and cumin seeds. Now, add Sichuan peppercorn and aromat powder and mix it. Finally, add soya sauce, roasted sesame oil and some hot oil and the sauce is ready.

Saransh Goila said that arrowroot powder was optional and you can make vegetable stock powder or flavoured or just salt as well.

Here’s the video:

Why rely on readymade products when you can prepare some really amazing, hygienic spreads and dips at home. On another occasion, Saransh Goila showed his followers how to make strawberry jam. For this, first, cook chopped strawberries until they get mushy. Now, add honey and mix well. Then, add some lime juice and blend it nicely. Finally, add chia seeds and cook till it gets thicker. In the caption, Saransh Goila mentioned that this jam could be spread on toast, used as a salad dressing, and even mixed into cocktails. For the detailed recipe and to watch the video, click here.

A few months ago, chef Saransh Goila had shared the recipe of ‘green garlic salt’ or hara namak, which, he said, was inspired by Uttarakhand’s ‘’. In a detailed caption, he stated that green garlic salt was his favourite then and that he used it as topping for , vegetables and even chaats. Click here to know more about it.

So, head to the kitchen and cook up a storm with the help of these recipes.

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