Sarkara Varatti Recipe: This Kerala-Style Jaggery-Banana Chips Is The Ultimate Snack To Chomp On

If you have explored , then you must be well aware of ! Made with raw banana, they are crunchy, flavour and an absolute delight for all. It is widely available in and can be easily prepared at home. Banana also make an important part of their celebratory feasts like Onam Sadya and Vishu Sadya. In fact, the popularity of banana chips goes beyond the state due to the unique sweet-bland-salty flavour it offers.

Here we bring you the sweet-counter part of the classic banana chips – it’s called sarkara varatti. It basically refers to banana chips, coated with syrup and looks like shakarpare. Sarkara varatti is easy to make and is considered an ideal snack to satiate your midnight sugar cravings. You may store it for 4-5 days in an airtight container.

How To Make Sarkara Varatti | Kerala-Style Jaggery-:


2 cups of raw bananas, de-skinned and cut into cubes

1 cup jaggery

1 tables poon rice flour

1 teaspoon cumin powder

Half teaspoon ginger powder

1 teaspoon cardamom powder

Oil, to fry


Step 1. Soak the cubed bananas in warm water for 4-5 minutes and strain it. Keep it aside.

Step 2. Dry roast the rice flour on medium to low flame. Do not burn the flour. Keep aside.

Step 2. Heat enough oil in a pan and deep fry the bananas until they are crispy and golden brown in colour.

Step 3. Take another pan, pour some water and add the jaggery to it. Boil it till the jaggery melts and get a honey-like consistency.

Step 4. Add ginger powder, cardamom powder and cumin powder to it and stir.

Step 5. In the boiling jaggery syrup, add the fried bananas and cook until the former is almost absorbed.

Step 6. Switch off the flame and add roasted flour to it and mix. The rice flour will prevent the sticky-texture of the syrup.

Happy Snacking!

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