Sambar-Dosa: How To Make This Ultimate South Indian Food Combination At Home

The first thing that comes to a foodie’s mind when they wake up, is ! We can’t help but think about what’s on the menu for the first meal of the day. South Indian food is often the go-to choice for breakfast as not only is it delicious but it is also healthy for our body. Another reason why we love South Indian food is that it is super easy to prepare, we don’t need to be trained professionals to make these delicacies at home! When we talk about this cuisine, the first food combination that comes to our mind is sambar-dosa. This ultimate South Indian food combination is one of the most comforting dishes for Indians. Spicy, tangy sambar paired with crispy and delicious dosa just screams indulgences. We have been eating this wholesome and mouth-watering food combination ever since we were kids, it is only fair that we learn make it at home!

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How To Make Sambar-Dosa – The Ultimate South Indian Food Combination


The key to making a lip-smacking sambar is simplicity! To make this wholesome South Indian curry at home, you’ll need to start by boiling arhar dal in a till it is absolutely tender. Now comes the important part, the flavour of the dal. For that, you need to add , your choice of vegetables, and salt. If you don’t have sambar masala at home, then you can find the recipe here. Then, you’ll need to make a tadka of oil, curry leaves, mustard seeds and whole red chillies and pour it on top of the seasoned dal. Boil the dal so that the flavours get absorbed. The sambar is ready!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Sambar.


The making of the dosa batter can be a time-consuming task as it requires fermentation. It is best to start the preparation for dosa batter a day early. Start by soaking urad dal and rice for about 7-8 hours, next grind the soaked lentil and rice into a fine paste and season with salt. Let this ferment for another 7-8 hours.The trick behind making the dosa batter is that it needs a lot of time, however, making the actual dosa is a simple and easy process!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Dosa.

Now, you can easily make sambar-! Do tell us in the comments section how you liked it.

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