Sakshi Singh Dhoni Is Relishing Delicious Seafood In Dubai; See Pics

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When out in Dubai, who doesn’t love to dive into a whole lot of interesting cuisines? The flavours from different cultures are found in this city. A favourite food hub for tourists, the place can ignite anyone’s cravings. Currently, it has brought out the foodie side of Sakshi Singh Dhoni. MS Dhoni’s wife is making the most of her Dubai trip. Thanks to some indulgent dishes laid before her. Stories reveal that she has been relishing some delectable seafood. From sashimi (raw fish) salads dressed in Matsuhisa dressing to sautéed and crispy fried nuggets served with dips, the spread is too delicious to resist.

For Sakshi Singh Dhoni, food plays a vital role when it comes to celebrating major life events. She shows us her foodie side not only when out and about the globe. Her birthday saw her cutting into two birthday cakes. We saw a sinfully delicious yellow fruity cake beside a white-glazed one that had chocolate embellishments on it. You can read more about it here.

Like many celebrities, Sakshi Singh Dhoni added the zing of food to her celebrations. She showed her Instafam a glimpse of elaborate preparation for the “Ashtami bhog”. She shared a photo that featured plates of meals lined up on a table. The plates consisted of traditional food items that are offered during the festival: khichdi, curries and . No one can say no to such a delicious ensemble of food. Can you? Here’s more on how different celebrities celebrated Navratri with food items.

Onam was another special occasion when Sakshi Singh Dhoni showed us her foodie streak. She and her daughter Ziva indulged in the traditional Sadhya thali. The photo she shared on Instagram showed 22 food items from the lands of Kerala. These included rice, Avial (mixed vegetable), Parippu (yellow dal), Sambar, Pappadam (crackers), Uepperi () and a lot more. She also added the season’s greetings, “Onam Asamsakal.” The mother-daughter duo had their food off a large plantain leaf. Here’s more about it.

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